EEV: This is posted not just because it is anti-American. It is posted to fully comprehend the firestorm this administration has unleashed for its unwavering support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was democratically elected, but that does not give any political official the right to supersede the countries constitution. The Egyptians did not see this as a coup, but as a liberation from the rapid onset of Tyranny. A concept that our current administration has a tough time comprehending. You know Constitution, Bill of rights, that sort of stuff 🙂


By Sarah Hofmann 10:02 AM  08/06/2013

Egyptian performance artist Sama Elmasry released a music video entitled “You  Obama, your father, your mother” that has began going viral.

“Your father, your mother” is translation of a traditional insult in Egyptian  Arabic, according to Buzzfeed.

In the video, Elmasry tells President Obama to support the terrorists in the  Muslim Brotherhood and calls U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, “old  bitch woman.”

Elmasry has released a number of protest videos against the Muslim  Brotherhood. This is the first one specifically against Obama and U.S. policies  linked to Morsi.

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