The SELECT trial is being utilized for sensationalist counter intuitive claims in regards to certain nutrients. The following posted below is simply a rational to why the SELECT trial being interpreted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is flawed. Unfortunately improper forms of the nutrients were utilized in addition to the potential corruption of Experimenter Bias from start to current. I don’t necessarily believe this is an intentional act. That however does not discount that the methodology, data interpretation, and study organization, are text book examples of how not waste tax payer dollars.

Ralph Turchiano

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Let us Begin:

#1 Initial Trial flaw, form of vitamin E used was synthetic and the wrong isomer

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Proper form is d form (natural) not the dl (synthetic )  as pointed out in excerpts

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#2 The select study which ended in 2008 all supplement usage was halted. In addition at that time there was no statistical difference

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#3 They lost track of about half their participants and apparently some funding:

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#4 They failed to mention they used the wrong form of Selenium that did prevent cancer in prior trails

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ScreenHunter_151 Feb. 22 00.13

#5 They admitted to using the wrong form of Vitamin E that did prevent prostate cancer:

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# 6 The study was corrupted by both BPH admission and finasteride

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# 7 This study concluded in 2008, yet before all the results are tabulated Experimenter Bias in booth setting up the trial and interpreting the results is evident:


“Men using these supplements should stop, period. Neither selenium nor vitamin E supplementation confers any known benefits – only risks,”

“Many people think that dietary supplements are helpful or at the least innocuous. This is not true,” said corresponding and first author Alan Kristal, Dr.P.H., a faculty member in the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Hutch. “We know from several other studies that some high-dose dietary supplements


“SELECT has definitively shown a lack of benefit from vitamin E and selenium supplements in the prevention of prostate cancer and has shown there is the potential for harm,” said Lori Minasian, M.D., study co-author and acting director of NCI’s Division of Cancer Prevention.

“The observed 17 percent increase in prostate cancer incidence demonstrates the potential for seemingly innocuous yet biologically active substances such as vitamins to cause harm. The lack of benefit from dietary supplementation with vitamin E or other agents with respect to preventing common health conditions and cancers or improving overall survival, and their potential harm, underscore the need for consumers to be skeptical of health claims for unregulated over-the-counter products in the absence of strong evidence of benefit demonstrated in clinical trials.”

And from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research site itself: 22 AUG 2012–six-things-men-should-know-about-tomatoes–fish.html

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* Again the purpose here is not to counter with a myriad of studies. It is simply to show that the methods utilized in the SELECT trial are flawed, and should not be used as a reliable data source.


Bonus Round: ATBC trial was corrupted also…Problem being the insistence that synthetic and naturals operate similarly ( They Don’t)

Addendum: to the Beta Carotene causing lung cancer also; The form of Beta Carotene used was also synthetic ( all-trans beta-carotene)  and proven to act differently than natural sources

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