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Melatonin makes old bones stronger

Melatonin makes old bones stronger
– The process of bone breakdown and buildup is affected by our circadian rhythms. The cells which break down our bones (known as osteoclasts) are more active at night, while those responsible for bone formation (osteoblasts) are more active during daylight hours.
“As we age, we sleep less well, which means that the osteoclasts are more active,” says Tamimi. “This tends to speed up the process of bone breakdown.”
It is already well established that melatonin plays a role in regulating our body clocks and can potentially help us sleep I am applying for funding to pursue the research and we hope to have answers soon.” better. So the researchers suspected that a melatonin supplement would help regulate the circadian rhythms of the elderly rats, thus reducing the activity of the osteoclasts and slowing down the process of bone breakdown. And that is exactly what they found.
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