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Skin aging reversed with Oligonol, two pilot studies
Study 1 -•Improvement tendency of pigmentary deposits (higher than 10% reduction) in 29% of the subjects.
•Reduction of the skin age (estimated age).
•Improvement tendency to the wrinkles in eye area (higher than 10% reduction) in 47% of cases.
•Results were more visible in participants who were over 40-years-old.
•50% of participants reported noticeable improvement of skin condition, especially in reduction of skin roughness and improving wrinkles.
* Clinical Study on the Improvement Effect of Oligonol in Skin. Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan. January 2007
Study 2 – •Decreased CRP in 54.5% of participants.
•Decrease in fine lines in 72.7% of participants based on blind evaluation of DermaLite photographs by trained observers.
•Reduction of deep wrinkles and sleep wrinkles in 18.2% of participants.
•Consistent lightening and brightening of complexion, along with less redness, blotchiness, freckles and brown-pigmented blotches.
Presented at Experimental Biology Annual Meeting
* Mackenzie R. Effects of Oligonol Supplementation on the Appearance of Skin Photo-Aging, Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation and Lentigines. March 2010 FASEB J. April 2010 24 (Meeting Abstract Supplement) lb319

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