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EVESDRIFT is now in developemt

EVESDRIFT: Endogenous viral elements –  drift


The site is dedicated to Highlighting Mutagenesis Research for Conflict, Peace, or Other.

This CNO site has now almost completed rebuilding it’s data base over the last seven years. This now frees up time to work with posting difficult to discuss topics in regards to vaguely breached events. We are reaching a new era in our ability to alter our genome, in which most of the discussion about this topic has been in the shadows. EVESDRIFT will not appeal to everyone; However, audience size is not its purpose.

To the BIOHACKERS out there, this will not be a how to site.

To other organizations if you feel there is any security issues,  that is between you and the journals who openly publish the research.

It is only in its 4th day, so please be patient.

Any questions always feel free to contact me,   😉

Ralph Turchiano


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