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Can’t sleep? Prebiotics could help

New research shows that animals on a prebiotic diet sleep better and are buffered from the physiological impacts of stress. The undigestible dietary compounds, found

Cannabis compound acts as an antibiotic

Public health agencies worldwide have identified antibiotic resistance of disease-causing bacteria as one of humanity’s most critical challenges. However, scientists haven’t discovered a new class

Eat less, live longer

If you want to reduce levels of inflammation throughout your body, delay the onset of age-related diseases, and live longer — eat less food. That’s

Nutrición y Seguridad Alimentaria

Los investigadores simularon las condiciones de cocción de una cocina doméstica para determinar cómo el salteado casero afecta a los polifenoles del aceite virgen extra.

Outsmarting pathogens

A new influenza strain appears each flu season, rendering past vaccines ineffective. Antibiotic resistant ‘superbugs’ quickly develop genetic resistance to existing drugs. Rapidly changing viruses