Inflammatory compounds found in cooked meat linked to childhood wheeze

Inflammatory compounds found in cooked meat are linked to a heightened risk of childhood wheeze, finds research published online in the journal Thorax. The compounds, known as advanced glycation end products, or AGEs for short, are by-products of high temperature cooking,

New research shows masks change the way we process faces

Feel like you’re suffering from face blindness? Research shows masks change the way we process faces TORONTO, Dec. 21, 2020 – Ever want to walk over to say hello to someone but you’re not sure the person behind the mask

An avocado a day keeps your gut microbes happy

URBANA, Ill. – Eating avocado as part of your daily diet can help improve gut health, a new study from University of Illinois shows. Avocados are a healthy food that is high in dietary fiber and monounsaturated fat. However, it

The DNA regions in our brain that contribute to make us human

With only 1% difference, the human and chimpanzee protein-coding genomes are remarkably similar. Understanding the biological features that make us human is part of a fascinating and intensely debated line of research. Researchers at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Low-intensity exercise during adolescence may prevent schizophrenia

Tsukuba, Japan – Although schizophrenia is increasingly understood as a neurodevelopmental disorder, environmental factors are known to play an important role in the disease onset and progression. But now, researchers from Japan have found that exercise during a specific postnatal

Do the benefits of Christmas outweigh its harms?

The Christmas season is associated with preventable harms from cards, tree decorations, and presents, as well as overeating and overdrinking, so do the benefits of Christmas outweigh the harms? In the Christmas issue of The BMJ, Robin Ferner and Jeffrey Aronson

UC Study: Suicide watch more important now than ever

A recent study by a team of University of Cincinnati researchers shows that suicide planning, attempts and completions were already on the rise pre-COVID-19. Add a pandemic to a holiday season, when depression and suicide are typically higher among both

COVID-19 spread increases when UV levels decrease

Natural variations in ultraviolet radiation influence the spread of COVID-19, but the influence is modest compared to preventive measures such as physical distancing, mask wearing, and quarantine, according to new research from Harvard University. “Understanding the potential seasonality of COVID-19

Why do we assume pandemics result in devastation?

Researchers at the University of Maryland’s National-Socio Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered that late 19th century misconceptions about outbreaks of plague in the ancient world led to an ingrained belief that pandemics inherently cause

COVID-19 social distancing efforts: implications for cancer control

What The Viewpoint Says: The consequences of COVID-19-related social distancing on health behaviors that may result in better or worse outcomes for patients with cancer are explored in this Viewpoint. Authors: Rebecca A. Ferrer, Ph.D., of the National Cancer Institute in Rockville,

The health risk raised by ultra-processed foods

Supermarket shelves are increasingly flooded with foods produced by extensive industrial processing, generally low in essential nutrients, high in sugar, oil and salt and liable to be overconsumed. And they are very attractive: the convenience of microwave meals, the good

COVID-19 as leading cause of death in US

What The Viewpoint Says: This Viewpoint uses Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data to compare the COVID-19 mortality rate in 2020 with prior leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, lung disease and injury) to put into context the cost

COVID-19 escalated armed conflicts in several war-torn countries

Armed conflict activities increased in five countries during the first wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic says new research from the University of Melbourne. India, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and the Philippines all saw an escalation of civil wars because conflict

Fish oil supplements don’t raise bad cholesterol

The Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI) has published a new research paper in conjunction with The Cooper Institute on the omega-3s EPA and DHA in fish oil and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). Omega-3 fatty acids have a long history of being

SARS-CoV-2-like particles very sensitive to temperature

Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere and public health officials are asking how the seasonal shift will impact the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19? A new study tested how temperatures and humidity affect the structure of individual SARS-Cov-2

COVID-19: what strategies are beneficial to the state

Those who consider themselves healthy will be more willing to comply with COVID restrictions if they believe, according to their own estimations, that the expected losses from the disease will be significant, suggest researchers of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at HSE

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