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Unlocking the secrets of gallstones

How gallstones are formed in the body was previously unknown, despite the fact that they are among the ten most common reasons for a stay

Statins & Osteoporosis

Dosage dependency of the statin–osteoporosis association in three frequently prescribed statins: A low dosage of simvastatin and rosuvastatin can be related to decreased osteoporosis risks,

Cooking food alters the microbiome

Scientists at UC San Francisco and Harvard University have shown for the first time that cooking food fundamentally alters the microbiomes of both mice and

We are all mutants, more or less

Everyone is a mutant but some are prone to diverge more than others, report scientists at University of Utah Health. A new study published in

Electric tech could help reverse baldness

Reversing baldness could someday be as easy as wearing a hat, thanks to a noninvasive, low-cost hair-growth-stimulating technology developed by engineers at the University of